Kilimanjaro 2006
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Welcome to a once in life time adventure!

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Kilimanjaro Hiking Tours

Choose Kilimanjaro Hiking Tours a leading operator for Mount Kilimanjaro hiking tours. Our team has a proven track record for successfully leading hikers to the roof of Africa! Good training and meticulous planning is key for a successful hike. We will provide all the guidance and support needed, every step of the way. If you join us, you can be sure that you will be prepared this once a lifetime hike!

Kilimanjaro Hiking Tours photo of  Mount Kilimanjaro as seen on a Kilimanjaro hike

Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and a dormant volcano. Reaching an altitude of 5,895m, it is the highest freestanding mountain in the world. Kilimanjaro is part of the 7 Summits, representing the highest peak on every continent. Since you will be hiking up the mountain, there is no need for any special skills or technical gear.

Experienced guides

Our guides bring experience, friendliness, client focus, and expertise on the mountain. All our lead guides:

  • 10+ years experience leading hikes.
  • Licensed and registered with KINAPA.
  • Completed first aid training courses.
  • Trained on safety and high altitude sickness management.
  • Hold the necessary knowledge, skills, and gear to lead a safe and successful hike.

Focus on safety

Your safety and well-being is very important for us. The guides are trained in emergency procedures, giving you peace of mind during your hike. Safety comes first and that is why we send on every hike:

  • Guides trained in first aid & mountain rescue.
  • Emergency first aid kits.
  • Emergency oxygen sets.
  • Guides complete daily health checks on the mountain, monitoring oxygen saturation and heart rate.

Superior standards

  • High quality 4 season tents
  • Delicious meals prepared from fresh, good quality local ingredients.
  • Full range of quality gear rental
  • Boiled drinking water supplied on the mountain
  • Optional private toilets

KPAP & IMEC approved Partner

The Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project and the IMEC aim to improve the working conditions and treatment of porters on Kilimanjaro. We are proud to be a partner of KPAP. We treat porters fairly by:

  • Paying fair wages to all porters, waiters, cooks and guides.
  • Making sure porters receive their wages on time
  • Controlling load carrying weights for crew
  • Crew receive 3 meals a day on the mountain,
  • Suitable lodging and gear are provided for the crew.
  • Support the welfare of sick and injured porters.

This approach ensure that the porters are happy and provide good support on every hike.

Kilimanjaro Responsible Trekking Organisation

KRTO stands as a beacon for sustainable tourism and social responsibility on the mountain. Their purpose is to ensure that responsible hikes:

  • impact positively the environment and local communities.
  • As a proud Leave No Trace Partner, they focus on protecting the mountain
  • Improve the treatment of porters.

The exploitation and mistreatment of porters on Kilimanjaro is a big problem. By hiking with us, as a Partner for Responsible Travel, you can be assured that your porters are well taken care of!

One stop booking service

We provide an all in one booking service. We can change our hikes to meet your specific needs. Furthermore, we provide various tour options, such as game drives to nearby reserves and parks. We also arrange biking tours, gorilla and chimpanzee tours, and exploring Zanzibar’s tropical islands.