Shira campsite that is used on the Machame route, best Kilimanjaro gear rental rates

Kilimanjaro gear rental rates

Kilimanjaro gear rental rates, available on all our package options. By choosing to rent some of the gear, will you make the hike more affordable. As part of all our packages options do we supply tents, sleeping mats, camping gear, mess tent, cutlery, kitchen tent, cooking utensils and staff tents. Please note that the Marangu route offers accommodation in A-frame huts, not tents, so we will not supply camping gear.

What gear should you rent?

We recommend all hikers to bring the gear as per our final checklist. It is possible to rent gear such as sleeping bags, hiking poles etc for the hike. However strongly recommend that you buy personal items such as hiking boots, socks, thermal underwear etc.

We recommend that you book gear rental well in advance, as availability is limited. If you require an item that is not on the Kilimanjaro gear rental rates, please let us know, and we can try to arrange it.

We also recommend that you wear your hiking boots and carry the most important gear as hand luggage, when you travel to Tanzania. That way you will have the most important gear if the airline loose your luggage.

Kilimanjaro gear rental rates

All the Kilimanjaro gear rental rates are in US $ per item for the entire trip

Best Kilimanjaro gear rental rates of Kilimanjaro Hiking Tours available Kilimanjaro Gear rental
BalaclavaUS $ 8
Boots – walking / trekkingUS $ 20
Duffel BagUS $ 20
HatUS $ 5
Head lampUS $ 10 (excl. batteries)
GaitersUS $ 10
Gloves / warm mittsUS $ 8
Glove linersUS $ 5
Mattress (non-inflatable)US $ 10
Mattress (self-inflatable)US $ 50
Raincoat / ponchoUS $ 10
Rain / wind / waterproof trousersUS $ 20
Ruck Sack / Day packUS $ 20
4 season sleeping bag (Synthetic filled)
Snugpak Softie 15 Discovery (-4F or -20C low rating)
US $ 30
4 season sleeping bag (Down filled)
Marmot Wind River (-14.4F or -25.8C low rating)
US $ 50
Travel pillowUS $ 10
Walking polesUS $ 10
Water bladder / Water hydration systemUS $ 15

Kilimanjaro gear rental rates T & C’s:

  • All rental gear is subject to availability. We cannot guarantee specific sizes. We strongly recommend booking all your Kilimanjaro gear rental well in advance of your planned hike.
  • Once you make a reservation for rental gear, you cannot cancel it upon arrival.
  • Once you reserve the gear rental, it cannot be refunded. It is important for hikers to check the gear properly before starting the hike. Hikers must take responsibility for any damage they cause to the gear during use. The management may charge them for any damage to the gear, at their discretion.
  • If you require an item that is not on the list, please enquire with us, as we might be able to supply it.
  • Please check the equipment before departure. Clients are responsible for any damages to the equipment and may be charged on management’s discretion.
  • Unfortunately no credit card or travellers check payments accepted. We only accept cash payments in Tanzanian Shilling or US Dollar.