Kilimanjaro fitness is crucial for an enjoyable hike.

Kilimanjaro Fitness Program

Hiking to the roof of Africa is an endeavor that should not be underestimated. To increase your chances of reaching the summit, ensure that you gather all possible information and prepare yourself physically. Stamina and mental determination will determine if you will be successful in you quest to conquer the Roof of Africa. Physically preparing for the trek will significantly contribute to the enhancement of your perseverance, confidence, and personal enjoyment! For that reason Kilimanjaro Hiking Tours has designed and offers an exclusive Kilimanjaro Fitness program for all their hikers.

How fit do you have to be?

The type of fitness is more important than the degree of fitness. Climbing Kilimanjaro is a hike with very few technical sections. The best preparation one can do is to hike, preferably under simulated conditions. Jogging will be beneficial to your fitness level, but it doesn’t prepare your muscles for a strenuous 6-day hike. In addition to regular gym workouts, make sure you also go for hikes in order to stimulate relevant muscle development. Try to do a one or two day hiking trails in your area. This will not only be an excellent way for physical preparation, but also an enjoyable means to prepare yourself mentally.

We have developed a practical Kilimanjaro fitness preparation guideline to assist you in getting your body ready. After completing your booking, we will provide you with our exclusive Kilimanjaro fitness program. The program consist of a gym and hiking program, which you should follow simultaneously over an 8-week period.

Our Kilimanjaro fitness program will prepare you physically for Kilimanjaro. After complete the program, you should be capable of hiking 100 kilometres in one week. If you are fit enough for this, rest assured that your body will still deliver more when needed. If you follow the guidelines for both the gym and walking programs, you are definitely ready for Kilimanjaro physically. You can now concentrate on being mentally ready, but chances are…


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