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Kilimanjaro climb rates

Click on any option below to view rates our Kilimanjaro group hike, private Kilimanjaro hike or Kilimanjaro comfort upgrades. We offer discounted Kilimanjaro children rates for children aged 15 years or less.

Kilimanjaro group hike and private hike differences


All our Kilimanjaro hikes are designed to offer hikers high safety standards, high levels of comfort and superior service delivery while climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.


Hiking Mt Kilimanjaro is expensive and to make it more affordable, can choose to join an existing Kilimanjaro Group climb. Our Kilimanjaro group tours are perfect for 1 to 3 persons who want to take advantage of discounted group rates and a social benefit to join likeminded adventurers from all around the world. Scheduled Kilimanjaro groups are capped to a maximum of 12 hikers.


If you want to join an existing hike, but none of the scheduled Kilimanjaro hikes fit your schedule, can we open your hike to others and add it to our online schedule.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We can also arrange a Kilimanjaro Private climb, that include the cost to have a private Kilimanjaro hike and you can choose the departure date. Please note however that even though you will have a dedicated mountain team for your group only, there will still be others on the route and at the campsites. 

ServiceKilimanjaro Group tourKilimanjaro Private tour
Flexible hike starting date as per your requirements The hike will start as per the set departure date You can choose your hike starting date
Hotel standard 2 nights 3 star hotel in Moshi 2 nights 3 star hotel in Moshi
Safe luggage storage at hotel while on the trek Included Included
1 group transfer from hotel to park gate and 1 group transfer from park gate to the hotel Included Included
Hotel meals Dinner, bed and breakfast Dinner, bed and breakfast
3 liters of mineral water on day 1 of the hike Excluded 3 liters mineral water provided on day 1
Boiled drinking water while climbing Mt Kilimanjaro Drinking water boiled on the mountain Drinking water boiled on the mountain
Optional daily Facebook photo updates while hiking Mt Kilimanjaro Not available Complimentary
Portable toilet ( tented routes only) (not applicable Marangu) Excluded, optional extra Excluded, optional extra
Voluntary KPAP approved partner (Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project) Staff paid & treated as per KPAP guidelines Staff paid & treated as per KPAP guidelines
Porter carry your daypack during summit attempt Excluded, optional extra Excluded, optional extra
4 Season sleeping tents (2 persons sharing) / Marangu route shared use mountain huts Included Included
Camping chairs, tables, and dining / mess tent (not Marangu route) Included Included
One luggage porter carry duffel bag 15kg / 32lbs per hiker Included Included
Sleeping mat (not applicable Marangu) Included Included
Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided while climbing Mt Kilimanjaro ** Included Included
Kilimanjaro National Park trained and certified English speaking guide/s Included Included
Trained cook / chef and use of cutlery & crockery Included Included
Emergency first aid Kit supplied while climbing Mt Kilimanjaro Included Included
1 Emergency oxygen set supplied per group while climbing Mt Kilimanjaro Included Included
Pulse Oxi-meter & health checks twice daily while climbing Mt Kilimanjaro Included Included
Daily water for washing up while climbing Mt Kilimanjaro Included Included

** Most special dietary requirements can be accommodated on the mountain, subject to pre-arrangement

Kilimanjaro Climbing dates

All of our Kilimanjaro climb packages are very flexible, and we will gladly schedule a new hike to suit your calendar preference. If you choose our Private Kilimanjaro hike, will we keep your Kilimanjaro hike private at no additional cost.


Should you be interested to join one of our existing Kilimanjaro group hikes, please visit our scheduled Kilimanjaro Group Hike page for all available Kilimanjaro hike dates. If none of the requested hikes and dates fit your requirements, please let us know and we can schedule a new Kilimanjaro group hike as per your requested dates and route option and try to get more hikers to join your Kilimanjaro hike.