Sunset at Horombo huts, Wifi on Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro internet and mobile reception on Kilimanjaro

Wifi on Kilimanjaro and internet

Are there Wifi on Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro internet and mobile reception on Kilimanjaro? Keeping in touch with the rest of the world, while hiking the mountain is difficult. Most places on the mountain have no mobile coverage, but you can still bring and use your phone on the hike. There are a few areas on the mountain with mobile coverage.

Wifi on Kilimanjaro and Kilimanjaro internet

Unfortunately there is no Wifi on Kilimanjaro. No Wifi on Kilimanjaro is provided at the camps or along the trails. The only place where it is possible to get Wifi is at the airport and at most hotels. Kilimanjaro internet and mobile reception on Kilimanjaro, is provided by mobile towers at the base. Depending on the location on the it is possible to get 3G or 4G Kilimanjaro internet data even at some of the higher camps. However because of the topography of the mountain, there are very few areas where you can get connection.

Mobile reception on Kilimanjaro

We recommend speaking to your guide on the hike. He will be able to show you which areas on the route you are most likely to get mobile reception on Kilimanjaro. Some campsites have areas with strong reception, where you can get better Kilimanjaro internet connection.

Communication on the mountain is made more difficult due to the fact that mobile signal strength is unpredictable. You might face outages or dropped services based on where you are on the mountain. Most mobile towers are solar powered and batteries can run low after a few cloudy days.

Getting a local sim card

We recommend buying a local sim card when you arrive to Moshi town. Local mobile providers charge much less for data and calls, compared to the international roaming charges your current mobile provider will charge. You will need to visit a mobile shop in person to get one, as they require you to register in person. To buy a local sim card is normally quick and easy, just make sure to visit the shop during their opening hours. You will need to arrange the local sim card a day before your hike. By using a local sim card will you also have a better chance to find mobile reception on Kilimanjaro.

Extending your phones battery life

Most of the hikers also use their phones as cameras. To extend your phone’s battery life, we recommend switching it to flight mode. If you hike with your phone in flight mode, it won’t search for mobile reception, saving battery power. We also recommend switching off the Wifi and Bluetooth functions, this will help extend your phone’s battery life. You will need to bring a power bank to recharge your phone during the hike. There are no electric recharging points on the mountain.