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Kilimanjaro Tipping guidelines for guides, porters and cook.

We realize that tipping may not be common practice in every country and for some cultures, however there is a “tipping tradition” for all Kilimanjaro tours and Mt Meru treks. The following guidelines have been designed to help the tipping process to be easy, transparent and fair, for all involved. Tipping is designed to add to your mountain crew’s financial compensation with the goal of providing a fair living wage for all involved with your Kilimanjaro tour or Mt Meru trek with the combination of your generous tip and basic wage.

Important. If your Kilimanjaro crew did not meet your expectations, please inform our operational team immediately and do not feel obligated to give a tip or tip them a reduced amount.

As a KPAP partner company, we are already committed to paying a fair basic wage for the support teams. These tip amounts are suggested to complement the salaries and provide a basic living wage. Please consider increasing the tip amount if you feel that the service was above standard and merits it.

Tips should not be dependent on whether your summit or not, but rather whether your guides and porters were professional and had your best interests in mind. If your Kilimanjaro crew have been pressuring you for a tip during your trek, please inform our operational team as well, as this is against company policy.

When tipping you can use US $ or TZ Shillings or a combination of these currencies to give the tip. It is also worth bearing in mind that items of clothing and footwear for children or adults, new or used, are also highly valued and may be given as well as money.

For our Kilimanjaro tours do we recommend tipping your Kilimanjaro crew as follows:

Crew member5 day trek6 day trek7 day trek8 day trek9 day trek
Mountain guide$70.00$75.00$80.00$85.00$90.00
Mountain porter$30.00$35.00$40.00$45.00$50.00
Mountain cook$40.00$45.00$50.00$55.00$60.00

For Mt Meru treks do we recommend tipping the Mt Meru crew as follows:

Crew member3 or 4 day trek
Mountain guide$40.00
Mountain porter$15.00
Mountain cook$20.00

Please note all amounts above are recommended per staff member from the whole group combined for the entire hike.

When and how to pay the Kilimanjaro tips

  • Clear any questions you may have regarding tips during your initial email / phone correspondence or during the pre-climb briefing latest.
  • DO NOT discuss the subject of tipping with your crew.
  • The distribution of tips is BEST DONE AT THE PARK GATES after your climb / beforeheading back to the base hotel as this is the end of the trek for some support team members.
  • We recommend to put the amount of tip money for each crew member in an envelope with their name on the top and personally hand it to them individually at the exit gate or to the head guide to distribute in your presence.