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Meals on Kilimanjaro

There are no restaurants on Kilimanjaro. All food supplies, cooking utensils and gas stoves are portered up the mountain. Your mountain cook will prepare delicious and wholesome meals in a kitchen tent for you while trekking Kilimanjaro. Many of our hikers are pleasantly surprised by the food served on Mt Kilimanjaro!

If you have any specific dietary requirements or food allergies, please let us know in advance when you complete your booking with us. We will then ensure that we plan your menu in advance and allocate an appropriate cook. We are also flexible and can cater for vegetarian meals, halal meals, vegan meals etc subject to letting us know in advance.

In addition to the meals you will be served on the mountain, we recommend that you bring some additional snacks that you really enjoy. Snacks such as energy bars, nuts etc also give you a boost and extra energy during longer hikes and especially during the summit attempt.

Drinks on Kilimanjaro

Again there are no restaurants or shops on Kilimanjaro. We recommend that you buy 3 liters of mineral water from Moshi town and fill your water bottles for the first day of the hike. (Please remember no plastic bottles are allowed on Kilimanjaro). From night 1 onwards you will be supplied with boiled drinking water which is collected from streams on Kilimanjaro. As per the World Health Organisation boiling water is highly effective to make water safe for human consumption, however you may still add water purification tablets if preferred.

We do not provide any soft drinks on your trek and we recommend you bringing powdered sports drink to add to your drinking water. We will however serve coffee, tea, milk and hot chocolate during breakfast and dinner. We will provide a small juice box with your picnic lunch.

Please remember soft disposable plastics are not allowed on the mountain.

We do not recommend bringing and consuming alcohol while trekking Kilimanjaro as it can dehydrate you and bring on mountain sickness quicker.

Water freezing

Due to the freezing temperatures that can be experienced while trekking Kilimanjaro, especially during the summit attempt, it is possible that your drinking water may turn into ice! We recommend that you bring and use insulated water bottles. If you have a bladder system in your daypack we recommend having an insulating cover over the drinking hose.

Typical 7 day sample Kilimanjaro menu:

Please note that this is a sample Kilimanjaro menu, your menu on the day may be different considering market availability, cooks specialities and your dietary requirements. Please note packed lunches are normally served on Marangu route.

Day 1

Breakfast: Served at the hotel

Picnic lunch: Lunch pack provided

Teatime: Tea or coffee served with popcorn, peanuts or biscuits.

Dinner: Zucchini soup served with bread, Meat balls in sauce served with fried rice or chapattis, mixed fruit. Tea or coffee or hot chocolate.

Day 2

Breakfast: Porridge, Toasted bread, omelette, sausage, baked beans and mixed fruits.Tea, coffee, hot chocolate

Picnic lunch: Consisting of a vegetable sandwich, hardboiled egg, portion of fried chicken, queen cake, fruit juice box and mixed fruit

Teatime: Tea or coffee served with popcorn or peanuts.

Dinner: Cucumber soup served with bread, Beef curry served with French fried potatoes, mixed fruit. Tea or coffee or hot chocolate.                                                     

Day 3

Breakfast: Mixed fruits, porridge, scrambled eggs, sausage and pancake Tea, coffee, milo

Hot lunch: Carrot soup served with bread. Minced meat and cheese macaroni. Fruit. Tea or Coffee

Teatime: Tea or coffee served with popcorn

Dinner: Onion soup served with bread, Chicken curry served with rice and vegetables. Mixed fruit. Tea and Coffee

Day 4

Breakfast: Fruits, porridge, fried eggs, sweet potatoes. Tea, coffee and milo.

Hot lunch: Pumpkin soup served with Mandazi (local donut). Vegetables in sauce served with rice and green beans. Fruits. Tea or coffee.

Teatime: Tea or coffee served with queen cake or popcorn or peanuts.

Dinner: Leak soup served with bread. Meat stew served with chips and salad. Fruits. Tea or Coffee

Day 5

Breakfast: Fruits, pancake, boiled eggs, bread. Tea, coffee and milo.

Hot lunch: French onion soup served with bread. Chicken strips, served with vegetable stew and cabbage. Fruits. Tea or coffee.

Dinner: Cucumber soup. Vegetable pizza. Vegetables sauce served on mashed potatoes and salad. Fruit. Tea or Coffee.

Summit attempt start at midnight of night 5.

Pre-summit snack: Juice, biscuits, energy bar.

Day 6

Early lunch: Butternut soup served with bread. Spaghetti served with vegetable sauce. Fresh fruits. Tea, coffee or milo

Dinner: Tomato soup. Lentil curry served with rice or chapatti and vegetables. Tea or coffee.

Day 7

Breakfast: Fresh fruits, Porridge, pancake, fried egg and baked beans. Tea, coffee, milo