Planning a Kilimanjaro hike

Altitude sickness is on the most common Kilimanjaro Health concerns

Planning a Kilimanjaro hike

When planning a Kilimanjaro hike, there several factors that require careful consideration before finalizing your expedition plans.

Factors to consider, include the following:

  1. The best time to hike Kilimanjaro?
  2. For how many days should I hike Kilimanjaro?
  3. Choosing the best Kilimanjaro route?
  4. Group hike or private hike?

The best time to hike Kilimanjaro?

The best time to plan a Kilimanjaro hike is during the dry season. The dry seaon normally spans from June to early October. During this period, weather conditions are typically at their most favorable, with a lower chance of rainfall. Alternatively, hiking from December to March is also feasible, but weather conditions are less ideal. It’s advisable to avoid the long rainy season from April to May and the short rainy season in November. It is important to note that due to Kilimanjaro’s high altitude, weather patterns are unpredictable, making rain, snow, or sunshine possible any time of year.

While it’s still possible to hike Kilimanjaro during the rainy seasons, it’s important to note that the trails might be more challenging. The rain can cause increased mud and slippery conditions on the trails.

For how many days should I hike Kilimanjaro?

Because of Kilimanjaro’s high altitude, many hikers will suffer from altitude sickness. The biggest cause of altitude sickness is going too high too fast. The more time you allow your body to acclimatize, the lower your chance of getting altitude sickness. We strongly recommend that you avoid choosing a 5 day route, but instead choose a 7 day route or longer. Altitude sickness affect every person differently and nobody can predict in advance who will get altitude sickness and who not.

Choosing the best Kilimanjaro route?

Kilimanjaro Hiking Tours custom large map of the Kilimanjaro Routes

Choosing the best Kilimanjaro route for your ascent can significantly influence your chances of reaching the summit. While there is no easy route up Mount Kilimanjaro, it’s important to note that not all routes are equal. If you have a fear of height do we recommend you avoid the Machame route. The reason being that the Barranco wall can be a potential problem. If you are planning on hiking during the rainy season will we recommend the Marangu route. The A-frame huts used on the Marangu route are more comfortable than tents when it rains. Please get in contact with us and we can assist you in choosing the a suitable route.

Joining a group hike or choosing a private hike?

When planning a Kilimanjaro hike you will realize that it will be expensive! There are ways to make it more budget-friendly. One option is to join one of our existing Kilimanjaro Group climbs. These group tours offer the advantage of discounted rates, making them ideal for individuals seeking affordability without compromising on the experience. Additionally, joining a group allows you to connect with like-minded adventurers from diverse corners of the globe, adding a social dimension to your journey.

Alternatively, for those seeking a more exclusive experience, we also arrange private Kilimanjaro hikes tailored to your preferred departure date. With a dedicated mountain team assigned to your group, you’ll have the benefit of personalized attention and support throughout your journey. Please note however, that while your climb will be private, there will be other climbers sharing the route and campsites along the way.


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