Kilimanjaro climb group that has successfully reached the Uhuru peak


Kilimanjaro climb group hikes are ideal for single hikers or small groups to join. Our group hikes are designed for hikers that want to trek with other like-minded hikers. Our group hikes make the hike up the mountain more social. High safety standards, comfort level, and great service delivery are offered throughout the hike. We will provide you with a safe and enjoyable hiking experience, allowing you to enjoy the awe-inspiring landscapes.

Benefit from discounted group rates only available to hikers joining an existing group hike. Not only does this offer good value, but it also provides a social benefit as you join like-minded hikers. The group will normally stay at the same hotel the night before and after the hike. They will also share transfer between the hotel and hike starting points on the mountain. Single hikers can choose to have a single tent. Single hikers can also choose to share a tent with another single hiker if both hikers agree. Meals will be enjoyed by the group in the same mess tent.

Joining an existing Kilimanjaro climb group hike

Joining an existing Kilimanjaro climb group hike goes beyond the climb. It’s an opportunity to make connections, share experiences, and create lasting memories with fellow hikers. Discover the beauty of the mountain alongside hikers who share your passion for adventure and exploration.

Kilimanjaro group climb along the Marangu route forest section

If our scheduled group hike dates don’t align with your requirements, please inform us. We’ll make every effort to arrange a new hike as per your specific requirements. We understand the importance of flexibility and aim to accommodate your needs. We are flexible to create a new hike to attract more hikers to join your planned hike.

Additionally, we offer the option to personalize any of our scheduled Kilimanjaro group climbs according to your requirements. Improve your hiking experience by booking additional benefits, subject to extra cost. This may include a private portable toilet rental or the a dedicated porter to carry your daypack. Your hike with us is not just about reaching the summit, but making sure it fit in with your requirements. For a list of possible upgrades while hiking up the mountain, please visit our upgrade page.

We also have scheduled Mt Meru group climbs and scheduled wildlife safaris that you can join. All the Kilimanjaro climb group hikes and Mt Meru group climbs are guaranteed to depart.

Please note: We start new climbs and hikes up mountain each and every day of the year. You may choose any date that suits your schedule.

Kilimanjaro climb group dates

Tour detailsGuide languageArrival dateHike start dateHike end dateAvailable spaces
8 Day Lemosho route
Full moon 21 July
English15 Jul 202416 Jul 202423 Jul 20244
7 Day Machame routeEnglish3 Aug 20244 Aug 202411 Aug 202411
8 Day Lemosho route
Full (Blue) moon 19 Aug
English13 Aug 202414 Aug 202421 Aug 202411
7 Day Machame routeEnglish1 Sep 20242 Sep 20248 Sep 20249
8 Day Lemosho route
Full (super) moon 18 September
English11 Sep 202412 Sep 202419 Sep 202412
7 Day Machame routeEnglish1 Oct 20242 Oct 20248 Oct 202410
8 Day Lemosho route
Full moon 17 October
English11 Oct 202412 Oct 202419 Oct 202412
7 Day Machame routeEnglish29 Nov 202430 Nov 20246 Dec 202412
8 Day Lemosho route
Full moon 15 December
English9 Dec 202410 Dec 202417 Dec 202412
7 Day Machame routeEnglish28 Dec 202429 Dec 20244 Jan 202512
8 Day Lemosho route
Full moon 14 January
English7 Jan 20258 Jan 202515 Jan 202511
7 Day Machame routeEnglish27 Jan 202528 Jan 20253 Feb 202512
8 Day Lemosho route
Full moon 12 February
English6 Feb 20257 Feb 202514 Feb 202511