Flights to Kilimanjaro Tanzania guide

Flights to Kilimanjaro Tanzania, Kilimanjaro airport arrival hall photo

Flights to Kilimanjaro Tanzania, the complete guide. All our hikes start from Moshi town. Moshi town will be the base for your trek. There are 2 ways to travel to Moshi town, either by flying or bus transfer. The best airport to fly to is Kilimanjaro airport (code JRO).

Moshi town is located about an hour drive from the airport. We can arrange airport transfers to your hotel in Moshi town subject to additional cost.

It is also possible to start the hike from Arusha town, however this will be subject to additional cost. Arusha town is located west of Moshi town, at the base of Mt Meru. Most safari tours start from Arusha town and it is considered to be the safari hub. There are more hotel options, shops, restaurants etc in Arusha town compared to Moshi town. Arusha town is located about 1 hour 15 minute drive from the airport and 2 hours from Moshi town.

Airlines offering flights to Kilimanjaro Tanzania

There are many airlines that offer flights to Kilimanjaro Tanzania. There are very few direct flight options. Most options will involve a stop over and possible change of airline / plane.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

If flying from Amsterdam (AMS) airport to Kilimanjaro airport, KLM is the most convenient option. They offer daily direct flights, connections from different parts of the world connecting through Amsterdam.

Qatar Airways

For flights from Doha (DOH) airport to Kilimanjaro airport Qatar Airways is the best option. They offer several flights per week. Convenient connections are offered from Asia, Europe and North America connection from their Doha hub.

Ethiopian Airlines

Only Ethiopian Airlines offer daily direct flights from Addis Adaba (ADD) airport to Kilimanjaro airport. They offer connections throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Turkish Airlines

For flights from Istanbul (IST) airport to Kilimanjaro airport Turkish Airlines is the best option. They offer several flights per week. They are a popular choice for travellers from Europe and Asia with a wide range of connection options.

Kenya Airways and Precision air

Kenya Airways and Precision Air is the best option for flights from Naiorobi (NBO) airport to Kilimanjaro airport. They offer daily direct flights. Connections are offered throughout Africa as well as Asia, Europe and the Americas.

If unable to find direct flights to Kilimanjaro Tanzania, can you also fly to Nairobi, Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar. Please note that could result in booking connecting flights for your hike start. We also recommend looking for flights on flight search engines such as Expedia. Flight search engines will normally show you all the different flying options available.

Alternative options instead of flights to Kilimanjaro Tanzania

There are 2 alternative options available instead of flying:

Bus transfers

For an additional cost, we can arrange private transportation or a shuttle bus from Nairobi to Moshi.

Riverside shuttle bus depart from Nairobi’s Parkside Hotel. Alternative pick up locations can also be arranged from:

  • most hotels in the Nairobi city centre
  • from the Nairobi airport

Riverside shuttle bus pick up and drop off to most hotels in the Moshi city centre area.

Private transfers

It is possible to arrange private transfers, subject to additional cost between:

  • Moshi town to Arusha town or vice versa
  • Moshi town to Nairobi or vice versa
  • Arusha town & Dar Es Salaam or Mombassa and vice versa