Kilimanjaro Hiking tours, one of the best Kilimanjaro tour companies to climb Kilimanjaro

Climb Kilimanjaro the best operator!

If you plan to climb Kilimanjaro, we are one of the best Kilimanjaro tour companies to choose from. Our team has over 12 years of experience safely guiding hikers on Kilimanjaro hikes.

Most of our tour consultants have successfully hiked the mountain. Because of this they are in a position to provide you with the best advice. Furthermore will they also share their in depth knowledge of mountain. Important advice for hiking up the mountain, how hard it is and how long it take, are all covered in this website.

We can create custom itineraries to suit your needs. In addition we can also cater for your hotel bookings, meet at the airport and airport transfers. In addition safaris to the surrounding game parks and tours to Zanzibar island, can also be arranged.

Climb Kilimanjaro high summit success rate & experienced staff

  • Our experienced guides make sure we have a high summit success rate. They have more than 12 years’ experience guiding hikers safely making us one of the best Kilimanjaro tour companies.
  • Because of our vast experience it is possible for us to offer you all the support, guidance, info and motivation needed to realize this once in a lifetime dream!
  • Our Tanzania office holds registration with TATO and a valid TALA license to arrange hike up the mountain.

Our professional tour consultants

  • Most of our tour consultants have successfully hiked the mountain. Because of this they are able to provide you with expert first hand advice.
  • We will arrange everything for you: Park fees, transfers, hotel, guides, porters, food and gear. That will leave you free to enjoy the hike.
  • Once you book with us, you can expect prompt and effective client support. We’re here to address any questions and provide you with any extra info you require. We are one of the best Kilimanjaro tour companies!
  • We will assist you to choose the best route for your Kilimanjaro hike.

Mount Kilimanjaro Responsible travel – KPAP / IMEC

  • The IMEC and KPAP are non-profit organizations. Further more their main goal to improve the working conditions for the porters on Kilimanjaro. Because of this Kilimanjaro Hiking Tours are a proud KPAP and IMEC Partner Company.
  • Hikers choosing to climb Kilimanjaro with us, can be sure that:
    • Firstly fair salaries are paid to the porters and they are paid on time.
    • Secondly porters are given fair weights to carry.
    • Thirdly the team are provided with 3 meals a day on the mountain.
    • Fourthly porters are provided with proper shelter and equipment.
    • Fifthly programs are in place to care of sick and injured porters.

For that reason hikers can expect a happy, healthy and great support team for every Kilimanjaro hike!

Kilimanjaro Hiking tours one of the best Kilimanjaro tour companies to climb Kilimanjaro

Our informative website

  • We have one of the most complete and informative online guides on the Internet, available 24 hours a day to answer most of your questions on our website.

Comprehensive info pack

  • With your booking confirmation, you will receive comprehensive info pack.
  • The info pack contains the following info:
    • Altitude sickness guide: As part of our commitment to safe climbing practices, all hikers are provided with an AMS guide. The guide focus on the prevention and management of altitude sickness while on the mountain.
    • Suggested gear list: Explaining the reasons why we recommend certain gear. Additionaly will it also provide helpful gear buying tips.
    • Work out plan: To make sure you are ready to climb Kilimanjaro, we have designed a custom work out program.
    • The pack also include a route map, essential info for your hike and tips for success. In addition nutrition for meals, general travel info and Swahili language tips are also provided.
    • We designed the info pack to promote your success and safety. This is a result of our dedication, experience and commitment to client support.

Our guides and porters

  • We employ only highly trained and registered guides with years of experience. Moreover, the guides also lead a team of support staff, aimed at your well-being during the hike.
  • Only guides certified by the Kilimanjaro National Park lead our hikes.
  • Every hiker is allocated 1 porter to carry their duffel bag from one camp to the next.

Safety on the mountain

Ensuring your safety and well-being is our main concern. That is why the following is provided as part of all our hikes:

  • All our packages include the Rescue Team fees (managed by KINAPA).
  • We provide emergency oxygen on all our treks.
  • We supply a first aid kits on all our hikes.
  • A pulse Oxi-meter is provided on all our hikes. The head guide take all hiker’s vital signs twice per day, every day.
  • Hikers will always hike accompanied by a qualified mountain guide.
  • We can offer extended route itineraries upon request.

Climb Kilimanjaro packages

  • All our tour packages are designed to offer hikers, high safety, comfort and service standards.
  • We offer hikers the option to choose between a group hike or private hike. Our group hikes are ideal for single hikers and small groups seeking companionship on the trail. The group hikes are offered at discounted rates. They provide hikers with the social benefit of joining an existing group. On the other hand we also provide private hikes that offer hikers more flexibility to custom the hike as they require.
  • Our packages are flexible and it is possible to add optional upgrades. It is possible, for instance, to upgrade to a higher quality hotel or to rent a portable toilet, among other options.
  • Discounted rates apply for children aged 15 years or less.

Flexible climbing Kilimanjaro starting dates

  • Our Kilimanjaro hike starting dates are flexible. As a result we can schedule a new hike to start on any day of the year!
  • In the event of unexpected situations, we are flexible to change your hike starting date. Please note that this is subject to availability, reasonable notice given and the route option chosen.

Private Kilimanjaro hikes

  • We are able to offer private hikes on request. Our hike starting dates, route options etc are flexible according to your needs.

High quality camping gear provided

  • 4 season mountain tents are provided on all the camping routes.
  • Sleeping mats, tables, chairs and mess tents are provided on all the camping routes.

Climbing Kilimanjaro gear rental

  • It is possible to rent quality gear for your hike. This will help make your trip more affordable. We recommend that you rent items such as sleeping bags, hiking poles etc. We recommend buying personal items such as socks, boots, underwear etc.

Exciting add-on options:

We provide an all in one booking service. We offer a range of tour options to choose from:

  • Firstly extend your Kilimanjaro hike with a game drive to one of the surrounding wildlife parks.
  • Secondly consider a beach holiday to the magical island of Zanzibar or a mountain bike tour.
  • Thirdly we can also arrange hikes up Mt Meru, Mt Lengai, Mt Kenya, and the Rwenzori Mountains.
  • Fourthly trek with Gorillas and Chimpanzees in Rwanda or Uganda.