best kilimanjaro upgrades, Kilimanjaro covered in snow on a cloudy day


The Best Kilimanjaro upgrades are available to enhance your hiking experience. They can be added to any of our hiking packages. Tailor your hike up the mountain by booking any of the possible upgrades. We recommend booking the Kilimanjaro upgrades and services in advance.

2024 Kilimanjaro Group hike rates
2024 Kilimanjaro Private hike rates
2024 Kilimanjaro Comfort upgrade rates

Best Kilimanjaro Upgrades – Equipment options

All prices in US Dollars valid for 2024 Rate
Insulated Helinox foldable bed
We include sleeping mats in all our climbing packages. To increase your comfort during your hike up the mountain, can you choose upgrade to a folding bed. This bed, rated to R5 (-10 degrees Celsius), measures 190cm (75 inches) in length and 69cm (27 inches) in width. Please note that this upgrade is not allowed on the Marangu route.
US $ 15 per person per day
Insulated foldable bed - best Kilimanjaro upgrades
Private single tent
All our climbing packages designed for groups of 2 or more include a tent that can accommodate 2 persons. For hikers seeking added privacy and extra space during their hike up the mountain do we offer a single tent option. Please note this option is not available on the Marangu route.
US $ 20 per tent per day
Mountain tent used on Mount Kilimanjaro single tent best Kilimanjaro upgrades
Kilimanjaro Portable toilet
Public toilets are available at all campsites. Most of the public toilets are basic long drop-style toilets, and their cleanliness may not meet desired standards. Because of this, do we strongly recommend that you rent a portable toilet on your hike. A portable toilet may be used by up to 5 hikers. If you choose this option will it include a toilet tent, porter, air freshener, toilet rolls, and cleaning chemicals. Please note that this option is not available on the Marangu route.
US $ 40 per toilet per day
Yellow portable toilet tent used on Mt Kilimanjaro for Kilimanjaro comfort upgrade

Best Kilimanjaro Upgrades – Service options

All prices in US Dollars valid for 2024 Rate
Personal luggage porter
All our packages include a designated porter to carry your duffel bag with a maximum weight of 15kg (32 lbs) from one camp to the next. If you want to bring extra luggage for the hike, can we offer an extra luggage porter as one of our Kilimanjaro upgrades. The additional porter will be able of carry an extra maximum of 15kg / 32 lbs. Please note that this porter will not hike with you and carry your daypack as example.
US $ 20 per porter per day
Personal assistance porter
During the hike, all our hikers are required to carry their own daypack as they move from camp to camp. We do offer an option to rent a personal assistance porter, who will support you by carrying your daypack throughout the entire hike, including the summit attempt. This porter service allows for the transportation of one bag weighing up to 10kg (22lbs).
US $ 25 per porter per day
Personal private assistance guide
It is possible to rent a personal private assistant for the entire hike, including the final summit attempt.
US $ 35 per guide per day
Hotel upgrade
As part of all our packages, we do we include 2 nights at the Chanya Lodge in Moshi town. As part of our Kilimanjaro upgrades can we arrange for a higher quality hotel upon request. Additionally, we can also arrange to start your hike from Arusha town instead. Please note additional cost will apply.
Please contact us for more information and rates.